With over 8 years of product and new business development experience, I specialize in understanding strategy and making opportunities happen. I have worked in biotech, law, social networking, and enterprise software. I have launched products, sold companies, acquired companies, run 200 person engineering organizations and made numerous mission critical business transactions. My experiences in operations, product and law provides me with unique know how to identify and capture the best deals. 

In my very spare free time, I enjoy baking bread, cooking and moving heavy things around the gym. 

Seed (2017) 

Fourteen teams of hackers. Three minutes to pitch. One shot to fund their dreams. Immerse yourself in Angelhack, one of the most competitive global hackathons.

Summer 2013 - Launch of People+ App for Google Glass

June 2012 - Peter Berger leaves Tagged to head People+

October 2012 - Tagged makes Peter Berger Director of Strategic Development

January 2012 - Peter Berger heads Hi5 

WSJ 2011 - Tagged acquires Facebook competitor Hi5

July 2011 - Peter Berger becomes CEO of Topicmarks